Map of Forest of Tides, numbers explained below.

Map InformationEdit

This map is the first non-town you will visit in Fiesta, the map is loaded with level 1-9 mobs in the main areas, with level 19-21 in special areas of the map.

The HillEdit

The hill is the central part of this map, Slimes, Mushrooms, Hero Slimes, and Speedy Slimes are found here. There is a gate to Roumen and assorted wood, mushroom, and herb resources are found here as well.

The BeachEdit

The beach is the connecting portion of the map, connecting to Sand Beach. This section of the map contains Imps, Mushroom Fighters, Fire Mushrooms, Slow Slimes, Crabs, Bored and Gang Imps, Speedy Honeyings, Blue Crabs, and King Crabs. There are also starfish and clam resources here.

The Forest (East)Edit

The forest section is home to the Echo Cave gate. In this section of the map Imps, Mushroom Fighters, Fire Mushrooms, Slow Slimes, Bored and Gang Imps, and Speedy Honeyings are found. Mushrooms, wood, and herbs are found here as well, along with Roumen Miner Royquin.

The IslandEdit

The island is an extension of the beach area of the map, there is a large bridge separating the sections of map, due to there being Little Lizardmen and Joker Kebings found here.

The Forest (South-west)Edit

This section of the map is somewhat hidden (unless looking on the map), The area is home for the powerful Nest Slime, a level 93 elite mob. Extreme caution is urged in this area. Along with the slime, there are Smart Phinos, Joker Kebings, and Prock Zones.

NPCs and MobsEdit


  1. Roumen Miner Royquin: One of the miners of roumen, he has no real importance.


Nothing on this map will draw aggression; unless you venture onto the island or south-west forest region.

Nearby MapsEdit

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