Instance dungeons are dungeons that allow parties of 2-5 to work together in order to kill mobs and a boss at the end. There are currently five instance dungeons in Fiesta.

Each instance dungeon offers a unique set of mobs and challenges, none of which are found outside of these dungeons. Along with new mobs, these dungeons hold rare gears only found here.

Tower of IyzelEdit

The Tower of Iyzel is found in Forest of Mist. This is an instance dungeon for levels 20-50, containing 20 floors of mobs of increasing difficulty, and 4 bosses overall. Level 20, 30, and 40 weapons are dropped here, along with the rare 45 purple sets.

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Crystal CastleEdit

Crystal Castle is found in Uruga, and is the first instance dungeon to have repeatable quests, players level 60-69 may enter the castle. Inside the tower are 10 floors of randomized mobs, with a final boss on the top floor. Level 60 and 70 greens may drop from mobs, along with tier3 and tier4 materials. In addition to those drops, the chests at the end can give tier3 and tier4 production scrolls and rare 65 purple gears.

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Dragons TombEdit

Dragons Tomb is found in Burning Rock, and is available for players 80-90. Inside the tomb are 4 sub bosses, and 1 main boss. This dungeon is a popular leveling place for levels 80-90, because of the high experience repeat quests. The chests within the tomb can give tier4 and tier5 production scrolls and potions. The bosses drop level 85 blues.

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Leviathans NestEdit

Leviathans Nest is found in the Secret Basement in Roumen and is available for players level 90-105. Inside the Nest are powerful mobs and 3 bosses. The first two bosses can drop special 95 sets, found only in Leviathans Nest. The end of the dungeon brings a 3rd boss and a reward egg giving level 100 purples and level 100 green gears.

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Secret LabEdit

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