Sharpshooter L8

The Long Bow requires a level 8 Archer to use.

LongBow Long BowEdit

This weapon may have up to 5 points in up to 3 stats if it is green, green variants of this weapon are also level 10. It may be bought in Roumen for 72CopperIcon, and sold for 16CopperIcon.

Base Damage: 14~20
Aim: 33
Critical Rate: 4.0%
Attack Rate (Speed): 1.1 Seconds


Tier 1 stones are required to enhance this item.

Damage Increase
+1 +1
+2 +2
+3 +3
+4 +5
+5 +7
+6 +9
+7 +13
+8 +20
+9 +32
+10 +45

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