What are Monster Cards? Monster cards are cards that you can register for rewards.Monster Cards are drops from monsters. They can be traded.There are four types of Monster Cards, S,A,B,C.S being the rarest and C being the most common.

Then stars on the cards represent how rare they are.

C cards can be from 1-4 stars

B cards can be from 4-5 stars

A cards can be from 5-6 stars

S cards can be 7-9 stars

When a card is dropped it appears to be an "Unopened Card".


48 C cards-Red Collecters Ring

91 C cards-Choice between different horse/donkey mounts

45 B cards-White collecters Ring

71 B cards-Devils Head

28 A cards-Red/white Collecters earrings

18 S cards-White/Red Collecters Necklace

28 S cards-Devils Wings

All Cards-Mini Helga or Mini M.

There are Many titles that can be awarded when registering a card.A popular title is the Warrior of Roumen, you can achieve this title by registering the Slimes Attack S card.


C Cards 25-500s

B cards 50-1g

A cards 100-10g

S cards 500s+

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