HolyKnight L15
The Spiked Club requires a level 15 cleric to use it.

Spiked Club (Thumb)  Spiked ClubEdit

This weapon may have up to 7 points in 3 stats if it is green. It may be bought in Roumen for 220CopperIcon, and sold for 50CopperIcon.

Base Damage: 31~43
Aim: 48
Critical Rate: 3.0%
Attack Rate (Speed): 1.1 Seconds

Spiked Club (Thumb)  King Boogy's Spike ClubEdit

This weapon is dropped by the King Boogy Hero Mob in Forest of Mist and cannot be bought at an NPC, it may have up to 7 points in 4 stats and may be sold for 50CopperIcon.

Base Damage: 36~51
Aim: 58
Critical Rate: 5.0%
Attack Rate (Speed): 1.1 Seconds


Tier 1 stones are required to enhance this item.

Damage Increase
+1 +2
+2 +3
+3 +4
+4 +9
+5 +13
+6 +19
+7 +28
+8 +42
+9 +67
+10 +94

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